My Nat Geo pieces

My Nat Geo pieces

Back in the bygone days of 2018-2019 I had the chance to smith some words, in the “social studies” genre, for one of the ultimate prestige vendors: the National Geographic Society. Their editorial standards were the most exacting under which I’ve ever worked, but it was quite clear the final product would in all cases be scrupulously factual. I just learned that some of the articles I drafted have been published to the web as part of the Society’s digital, open-access Resource Library. The clips have no byline–a common pitfall in a freelancer’s portfolio–but I hope you’ll take my word that I recognize my work here. I offer this itemized list for your perusal. Savory delicacies for thought!

olde cartog, public domain

The Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears

Sequoyah and the Creation of the Cherokee Syllabary

Environmental Impacts of Agricultural Modifications

Industrial Revolution and Technology

Industrialization, Labor, and Life

Automobile” (encyclopedia entry)

Effects of Transportation on the Economy

Steamboat” (encyclopedia entry)

The Cattle Economy of the Maasai

The Mongol Khans

The Kingdom of Aksum

Signing of the Declaration of Independence